The Story Thus Far...

Illustration | Character Design | Story Art

When I was 5 my mother picked up a pencil and demonstrated a simple sketch of the profile of a woman. Five-year-old me thought that was amazing and proceeded to make fanart of Ariel and Cinderella and all the princesses in the Disney realm. When I was 7 I made flipbooks and stapled drawings together to make storybooks. As a teenager I was obsessed with anime, which morphed into an appreciation of Ghibli. I razed through sketchbook after sketchbook... And then, because "artists don't make money," I went to law school.

The law was a beautiful yet cruel mistress; she demanded all my attention, my energies, my health... my entire life. Years passed. Something stirred. Buried deep inside was the five-year-old who really just wanted to make art forever. She woke up, I quit my lawyer job, and enrolled in the animation program at Santa Monica College because it's never too late.

Fast forward 5 years and 2 babies later, I have moved back home toGuam, paused my career as a criminal prosecutor, and now split my time between freelancing, working remotely as general counsel for a property development firm, and being a wife and mom.

I love tinkering on stringed musical instruments, and I make the best chocolate chip cookies. My cat thinks he owns me. (He is probably correct.)

The five-year-old artist continues to turn the pages of her story, enjoying the adventure, always dreaming about what's next.

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